A Photo Collection from Fountain Brown
Co-Pilot, Bill Hunter Crew. A/C #42-6250, 42-24841
Aircraft Commander A/C #42-25582, 44-69659

Photos of Chakulia, China and Calcutta


Lt/Col James Ira Cornett
1/Lt Fountain Brown, Copilot
Capt Bill Hunter, Pilot
Officer's Club Happy Hour
Chakulia, 1944
(Center - Fountain Brown)
Barracks life in Old Area
note wardrobe in the corner
and "pop" bottles on the porch
Lord Mountbatten
inspecting "Brooklyn Bessie"
Lord Louis Mountbatten
Chakulia visit


Copilot Fountain Brown, 12Aug44
Pilot Bill Hunter
Copilot Fountain Brown
Chinese Butcher Shop