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40th Bomb Group Area
Gurguan Point

25th Squadron Area
Group Mess Hall in Rear

25th Squadron Hardstands
West Field

Tinian from the North

North Field
Runway #1

North Field Area

Lineup for Takeoff

Prop Pull Through

Bomb Load

25th Sq #10 "Genie"
Australia, June 1945

Some of Genie's Crew

VJ Day Dressing

Building A Tent Frame with
Lumber Scrounged From Docks

GroupRadar Shop

40th BG Officers Club
Opened Summer 1945

SeaBees Greeting

Broadway, Tinian

Tinian Harbor Docks

Ground View

505th Formation
Over North Field

A North Field
Officers Club

Nose Art 3

North Field

Photographs from the Raymond J. Biedenbach Collection
Courtesy of Ron Biedenbach

Prop Maintenance

"Lady in Waiting"

Operations Board

Color Guard

P-51 Cowling

Recreation Area
(for North Field)

Japanese Prisoners

North Field Barracks

Armament Shop
North Field

Loading Ammunition

"The First Atomic Bomb"

Nose Art

Military Cemetary