APO 631




            Your plane is now parked in its Squadron area.  We are short of transportation

here and it is important that the following several items be accomplished as quickly

and as smoothly as possible.


1.                  See that your crew unloads all personal baggage.  Flying equipment

including parachutes, life vests, jungle kits or individual life rafts, flak helmets and

vests, and oxygen masks will remain on the plane for the present.


2.                  By order of the CG, a 58th Wing truck will pick up O.E.L. equipment flyaway

equipment, and spare parts.  An engineering officer here will take care of the transfer of that



3.                  Combat crews will proceed to the Group area where Plane Commanders will

report to Lt. Col. Shutters.  The Mess Hall will be open, water will be available for showers

and billeting assignments will be made immediately on arrival.


4.                  Plane Commanders will designate four men who will report to the line later on

today to remove flying equipment from the plane to its proper building on the line.


5.                  Radar equipment will be taken care of by Capt. Stumpff, cameras by Lt. Katzka.


1.                  Plane Commanders, it is your responsibility to see that your crew and passengers

are familiar with the accompanying Island Command Memorandum covering “Restriction

of Dangerous Areas”.


                        By order of Colonel SKAER:




                                                                                                            WALLACE F. SNOW

                                                                                                            Captain, Air Corps,

                                                                                                            Acting Adjutant