Miscellaneous Pictures from the C.B.I.

Maj. George D. Weschler, 25th Squadron
Commander of 1st Plane to Takeoff
on the 40th Group's First Mission
"Princess Patsy"
Takeoff on 1st Mission
E. Swanson photo
Aircraft #42-6344, "Princess Patsy"
Everet Swanson, CFC Gunner
Max Leavitt, Bombardier
Flak Damage
(Swanson photo)
Fuji, 12,389'
E. Swanson photo
Standing, from left:Maj. George Weschler, T/Sgt Chester Wnuk,
T/Sgt Evert Swanson, Sgt J. E. Jarman, Sgt Earl Gehris
Kneeling: Lt Wolkoff, Capt Clark Thomas, Lt. Shellie Green
Lt Jim O'Keefe, Lt Ed Mann. (E. Swanson photo)
Everet Swanson's notes
on crew at left and aircraft
B-29 Down Over Target
E. Swanson photo
Wyant, Prince, Corradina, Rhiner
Chakulia 1944 - Zweig photo
Wyant, McNassor, Corradina
Derreth, Pascal, Rhiner
Chakulia 1944 - Zweig photo
Viner/Sanders Crew
Howell, Burger, Stark, Sanders, Viner
Vanderslice, Etsinger, Zuba, Cameron
Dugan, Del Manzo
(biehle photo)
(biehle photo)
(biehle photo)
Price, Lanzoni, Townsend, Hirshfeld,
Biehle, Read, Zalabak, Toder
Evans, Stambaugh, Sussenwein<
Grace, Hirshfeld, Matthews
Biehle, Winters
B Sweet, #42-6425
(Corradina photo)
Wichita Witch, #42-24752
Corradina photo)
Wichita Witch, 2nd view
(Corradina photo)
Hump Route, July 1944
Chakulia - Hsin-Ching
Hsin-Ching Airfield
Runway at A-1 in 1995
Linda McCaffery photo
(Front) (Back)
Propaganda Leaflets Dropped in China
These were collected by Bill Rooney
Translation by Metche Franke
25th Squadron Radar and
Radio Shop, Chakulia, India 1944
Bernie Corradina,3rd from the right
middle rear
#42-63420, Rankless Wreck
Chakulia, India (12/44)
L to R James I. Potts (P)
Rudolph C. Zubach (N)
Myrel D. Massey (A/C)
(Potts photo)
#42-63420 at Chengtu, China
Robert Gresham crew
(Ivan Potts)
Receipt from Grand Hotel
Calcutta, India
April 5, 1945
(Tom McCosker)

Grand Hotel Menu
"Meatless Day", April 2, 1945
(Tom McCosker)

Sgt. Thomas Walsh, B-Sweet II
(Wm.Schaal photo)
Russ Locandro and Al Tomayo
Kharagpur, October 27, 1944
Doug Franckling at Chakulia
Lord Mountbatten arriving at Chakulia
Same, Franckling Photo
Same, Franckling Photo
Chengtu Street
Wings Comics with "Lazy Baby"
(D. Franckling)
Chengtu Area Airfields
Ground Crew for #42-6281
L/R Front: Benny Slonina, CC, Klopotic, Asst. CC
Alvin Kamp, Mechanic, Coy Brown, Mechanic,
??, ??; Back: Hoskins Bass, Mechanic, ??,
Phillip Buck, Mechanic, ??, ??, ??
Chakulia, April 1944
New Outdoor Theater at Chakulia
Seats Made from Steel Mats
Draggin' Lady, #42-63505
(Corradina photo)