Navigator, Crew #2, 25th Squadron
(Maj. Daniel Rogers, A/C)


Back ; Sgt. Messersmith; Sgt. Garifo;
Sgt. Culver; Sgt. Borders; Sgt Serafin
Front: Maj. Rogers; Lt. Balkin; Lt. Cook;
Lt. Karesh; Lt. Bursch; F/O Ramsey

Crew Inspection

Formal parade at Chakulia for
the award of Legion of Merit
to Col. Leonard Harmon
by Gen. La Verne Saunders

All the "high brass" lined up for the ceremony
From left" Gen. Saunders, Col. Leonard "Jake" Harmon
(others unidentified)

Pinning the medal

Lt. Cook and Lt. Bursch
in front of barracks
with house boys
Maj. Daniel Rogers
Airplane Commander
Lt. Danny Bursch

Lt. Claude Cook

Barracks at Chakulia, 1944

Lt. David Bursch outside barracks

Lt. Seymour Balkin with several 'house boys"
outside barracks at Chakulia

Relaxing on home-made furniture
in front of barracks
Balkin, Cook, and Bursch

Balkin shaving

Waiting for chow
Cook, Stevens
Lt. Claude Cook
Slit trench next to barracks

Walter Ramsey
(Flight Engineer)

Capt. Dean Delafield
Squadron Navigator (25th)

Bursch, Cook

Capt. James Slattery

Bursch, Cook

Local family scene
Along side field at Chakulia

Balkin outside the barracks

Balkin and houseboys

Natives returning home after
roadbuilding outside barracks area

Road building scene

Maj. Benton O'Neil
taking a bath

Lt. Barton

Capt. James Slattery

Lt. Betz

Capt. Truesdale wanted a picture
in his combat outfit to impress
a girlfriend at home - (110 degrees
in the shade at the time)




Lt. Claude Cook
preparing to shave

Lt. Middleton

Lt. Claude Cook

Cook, Bursch and houseboy

Balkin. Bursch,
and houseboys

Balkin outside barracks
(newly arrived) They
soon moved all cots outside

(Near the Chakulia Barracks)

First, Rocks are Crushed
and carried on the heads of women
Men crush the rocks
Women carry and dump them
More crushed rocks
Next step
Applying tar or asphalt
Job foreman
Applying tar
Child helper
carrying water for workers
Final touch - steamroller
Typical worker with child
Work break
Children accompany
working mothers
More children


A Number of Street Scenes follow
Traffic Officer and Balkin
Rogers, Bursch, Cook
Rogers, Cook
Cook, Karesh, Bursch


Street Scene, Hsinching, China

Lt. Larsen and "friend" (Hsinching)

Lt. Claude Cook and Maj. Daniel Rogers
Hsinching, China

Claude Cook

Seymour Balkin on right
Maj. Rogers with the umbrella

Hsinching Street Scene
Rogers, Doyle, Myers, Cook

Karesh, Friedman, Larsen

Lt. Cook, Unk., Capt. Myers

Hsinching Street Scene

Bursch carrying a teapot
purchased by Balkin for $7,000 (Chinese)
(it's in Balkin's home today)

Friedman, Unk., Doyle

Capt. Myers smoking
Chinese pipe.

Outside Hsinching
River Boat

Balkin crossing river

On a River Boat
Myers, Rogers, Doyle, Cook

Street Scene (Note open
backside on baby's pants)

Outside Hsinching
Chinese idols in mountainside

Another Chinese idol

Lt. Seymour Balkin, Lt. Claude Cook
and Lt. Danny Bursch

Bursch (Buffalo bucked him off right
after the picture was taken)

River Boats

Water Buffalo and Rcie Paddy

"No motor - just muscle"

Sgt. Sal Garifo

Balkin, Cook, Bursch
and Chinese friends

Chinese Irrigation Device

Local Transport

"Ding Hao" - Thumbs Up

Chinese Child



"Ding Hao"
Cook, Bursch, Garifo

Garifo, Cook, Bursch
"Ding Hao"



Bursch, Cook, Garifo


Calcutta railroad station

Another view

Calcutta street scene

Shoeshine (no shoes)

Capt. James Slattery and
Maj. Daniel Rogers
at "black hole" of Calcutta

Maj. Danny Rogers
Howrah Bridge in background

Seymour Balkin in front of
Jan Temple, Calcutta

Lt. Daniel Bursch

Capt. James Slattery (2nd from left)
with his Co-Pilot,
Navigator and Bombardier

Rogers, Balkin, Cook, and Bursch

Bursch (Howrah Bridge)

Seymour Balkin
(Howrah Bridge)

Calcutta Street Scene

Traffic Cop

Another Street Scene

A Shop in Calcutta

Water Fountain

Taking a Shave

Calcutta Street

Lt. Daniel Bursch

Jan Temple

Cook, Bursch and
little girl posing

Maj.Rogers, Capt. Slattery, Lt. Cook
(others unidentified))
At the Railroad Station

F/O Walter Ramsey and Cook
(Railway in Calcutta)

Balkin at Grand Hotel

(Stopover en route overseas)

As Tom Brokaw might report "In his own words" (Seymour Balkin's)

There is a story about the following pictures. En route overseas from Kansas to India, all planes were grounded when we reached Cairo due to several mishaps to the B-29'sincluding Major O'Neill totalling a B-29 in Cairo (no injuries to the crew).
All planes were grounded for several days and the crews confined to base for secrecy and security. However, a few of us, including Lt. Claude Cook, myself, Lt. Middleton and others managed to leave the base by borrowing a jeep and attaching ourselves to an outgoing convoy. We toured Cairo, visited the Sphinx and Pyramids, did some shopping, and tried to get back to base. Unfortunately, we were arrested on the way into the base, given a reprimand, and held under house arrest until we got to Chakulia.

Cook and Balkin
in summer uniforms
Another - Others are unidentified
Lt. Balkin
River scene near Cairo
Cook on way to Pyramids
Another river scene
Lt. Cook
Also Cook
Shepheard's Hotel and Lt. Cook
In the background is the Mena House Hotel
where Roosevelt and Churchill met
Lt. Balkin
Cairo street scene