Verble Mitchell Crew

Capt. Verble Mitchell Crew
Crew #41, 45th Squadron
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Photo from Mrs. Mary Mitchell
(also from Doris J. Smith)
Front L to R: 2/Lt. Glenn Beaber (B); 1/Lt. Robert L. Kizer (P) (KIA);
Capt. Verble Mitchell (A/C); 1/Lt. John R. Browning (N); 2/Lt. Thomas S. Smith (V)
Back L to R: T/Sgt. Orville F. Nielson (FE); Sgt. Robert F. Lundquist (R);
Sgt. William J. Engleman (CFC): Sgt. Charles J. Davis (RG)
Sgt. Michael C. Maniscalco (LG); Cpl. Stuart J. Parker (TG)
Names provided by Doris J. Smith)

Bomb Tag Notes of this Crew's Missions
(From Doris J. Smith))

6/1/45, Osaka
6/5/45, Kobe
Kasumiguara Seaplane Base
6/17/45, Omuta
6/22/45, Himeji
6/26/45, Kagamigahaara
6/29/45, Okayama
7/2/45, Kure
7/7/45, Chiba
7/13/45, Utsonomiya
7/20/45, Fukui
7/24/45, Osaka
7/29/45, Tsu
8/2/45, Hachioji