1st Lt. Thomas McCosker Crew, 44th SQ, #25, "Flak Magnet"

Rear: John Eiland (FE), Milton Skaer (TG), Eugene Attaway (N), Tom McCosker (A/C)
Front: Eugene Hoops (CFC), Lewis Chase (Radio), Bob Unger (RG), Guilford (LG)

Picture's from Tom McCosker
Aircraft Commander, #44-61634, "Flak Magnet"

Tom also made available the Operations Order and TakeOff List for the 40th Group aircraft
return to the USA in October 1945. These are posted in the "Operations" section.
His Pilot's Log of their missions from Tinian and Iwo Jima is included below the pictures.

Flak Magnet on its Hardstand

Pilots famous pose

Flak Magnet Nose Art

Another View

In Formation

Rear Escape Hatch

P51 Escort from Iwo

U.S.S. Missouri, Tokyo Harbor

Victory Sticker

Painting of Flak Magnet

R & R, Honolulu
L to R - Russell Mueller, Radar
Eli Habif, Bombardier
Tom McCosker

Tom's wet tent

  • Manifest for Return of 44-61634, 13 October 1945

  • Pilots notes for InFlight Report during return
    (written on the back of orders)

  • Mission Logs, Page1

  • Mission Logs, Page2

  • Mission Logs, Page3