Provided by Marvin and Paris Earl Fears

These two brothers served on the same plane in the 25th Squadron until the USAAC got wise
and separated family members to different planes and different Squadrons.
Paris Earl Fears was a CFC Gunner. Marvin Fears was a Radio Operator.

Some left behind for mechanical problems

Last one back with a lot of holes

50 tons of gas and metal with
happy guys back from a ride

Approaching rainstorm

Hardstands and taxiway

A rear view from the AA tower

Part of 40th BG hardstand area

West Field runway from the air

One of the best - 34 missions
and 3 "nips" before retirement

War is over
We are in the freight business

Part of 200 aircraft at West Field

Propaganda advertizement

313th Wing HQ area
Saipan in background

View NW from 8th Avenue
40th Group area in background

Sugar Cane and rice fields

"Rain-proof" quonsets
40th Group area

R3350 waiting for installation

500 pounders waiting to load

Looking forward into
rear bomb bay

Mail Tent, Barber Shop and Orderly Room

40th Group tent area
shortly after arriving Tinian

Floating aircrat repair ship
General Robert Olds


Japanese Shrine


Jungle growth in vicinity

Remains of Japanese Headquarters
Marines did a "swell" job on this

40th Group living quarters

3 untitled photos
presumed to be China

LCVP offloading

Bombed out factory on Formosa