Some Miscellaneous Photos
(Mostly Chakulia)

(Historian's Photo Collection)

Damage from Bomb Loading Accident
January 15, 1945
Stockpile of 500# Bombs
B-24J Conversion
Singapore Drydock Mission
McWilliams, Swancutt, Goodwyn, Stein
McCraw, McKinney, Manfredo
Seebach, Swanson
British Guns Defending
Chakulia AFB
40th BG B-25
L-5 and B-25 at Chakulia
Engine Hoist
Gen. Wolfe Making Awards
S/Sgt. Wilbur Cooney
Hospital Ward in Calcutta
Awards Ceremony
(Sullivan, Ramey)
Lt. Eustis Making 11th Photo Awards
"Halfway House" between
Chakulia and Kharagpur
Howrah Train Stop
Nicols, Luna, Whittaker
Lord Mountbatten inspects
Brooklyn Bessie
#254 and Bob Gaughan
Drislane, Moore, Coira
40th BG Staff Meeting
Renfro, Ledford
Wemple, Kingsbury
Gen. Roger Ramey
Col. Harmon Checks Crew
Unknown Ground Crew
6/4/44 Briefing
for Bankok Mission
1st B-29 in CBI Theater
(Upston, Harmon)
Maj. Beseda Checks Bombs
Reid, Adams, Beseda, Moore
6/5/44 Takeoff for Bankok
Briefing for
1st B-29 Mission of WW II
Blanchard, Cornett, Adler
Wemple, McWilliams, Connelly
Minor, Barnes, McWalters
Maj. Luna Checks Crew
Luna, Hilt, Adams,
Beseda, Harmon
Doyle, Scherck
Blanchard, Luna
Moss Hart, Schaaf, Skaer
Blanchard, Andre Kostelanetz,
and Lily Pons
Lily Pons, Blanchard, Kostelanetz
Elite Gurkha Guards
Protecting B-29 Supplies
Piping in Home Guards
Indian Home Guard
Guards at Chakulia AFB
Cobra Caught by Kissel
Storing Sacred Cow "Pies"
Water Hole Near Chakulia
Snake Charmer
Crates of Chickens
Beetle Nut Salesman
Bombin' Buggy II Cartoon
40th BG Formation Bomb Drop
C-109 #712 at Kalaikunda, India
9/20/44 (Ben Williams photos)
L to R: Unk, Ben Williams,
Robert Braley (25th SQ), Unk
#2 Nacelle Damage
Robert Braley
The "Hump"
Chinese Burial