Photos of Chakulia and the Hump

(Historian's Photo Collection)

Chakulia Photos
40th BG Chapel at Chakulia
Altar Hanging
Chakulia AFB Theater (May 1944)
Base Theater (1945)
PX (1944)
40th BG Enlisted Mens Club
EM Club Interior
Jungle Barandi (Red Cross)
40th BG Officers Club
Bill Clay and Others
Sid Needleman et al
Barracks Construction
May 1944
Barracks Construction
Barracks Fire
After Roof Fire
Barracks, Spring 1945
Barracks 1944-45
Typical Barracks Room
Pat Daly Relaxing
Lister Bags
Personnel Trench
Storm Damage
11th Photo Lab Shower
Chakulia Ice House
Old Area Tent
Sack Time (Pat Daly)
A Cot al fresco
Cooney and Nelson

Photographs of the Hump
#303, Typhoon McGoon III over Hump
Salween River Gorge
A-1, Hsinching, China
Irrawaddy River
Luliang, China
Mekong River
Myetkinya, Burma
Walled Village
Hauling Gas Barrels
Transfer of Gas