Photos of 395th Bomb Squadron

(Historian's Photo Collection)

Aircraft Photos
#466 (Woolsey Bailout, China)
Captioned on back: "prettiest thing aloft.
The first time they went up without me
they broke it bad - and punched out.
#342, Sister Sue

Crew Photos
Chet Woolsey Crew & Passengers
L to R kneeling: Woolsey, Clendenen, Rivers
Davis, Jameson, Duva, Koenig, ??
Standing: Drummond, Stewart, Smith, Doddridge
Kesteloot, Parks, ??, Wood
Maj. John Keller and Crew
Maj. Alex Zamry Crew
Front L/R:Alex Zamry, Ashley Briggs, James Evans
Joseph Phalan, Jesse Beal. Back: Joe Harvey,
Millard Belcher, Wayne Wiseman
Gilbert Bleyl, W.F. O'Connell
(Zamry killed in ditching)
Capt. Alvin Hills and Crew
Maj. Eddie Glass and Crew
L/Col. Walter Lucas and Crew
Lund, Driscoll, LeCrone, Bullington
Konishki, Miller, Shepard, Bates, Sena, Mackey
#303 and Lucas Crew
Maj. Chick Koenig and Crew
Capt. William Howard and Crew
(became Crew #18, 44th BS)
Decker, Teplick, Hunt, Lober, Burgess
Staube, Hayes, Racilla, Swan, Gulley

Miscellaneous Photos
Ditching Survivors
Briggs, Wotipka, Phalon
Drislane, Evans
Zamry Crew Rescue
Phalon, Wiseman, Evans
Wotipka, Briggs
NOTE: 2nd from left is Wayne Wiseman
not Gil Bleyl as indicated on photo
"The Chief"
who rescued them
Rogers & Ali Hussion
4th Bomb Maintenance Squadron
Ali Hussion (Houseboy)
Walter Ball
Chakulia Red Cross Club
Evans, Urban Franckling, Rogers