Photos from Pratt, Kansas

(Historian's Photo Collection)

B-17 Used for Training
Whoever captioned this flunked
"Aircraft Recognition"
Flight of B-17's
B-29 Over Kansas
Medal Award Parade
Coira, Schaaf & Matthews
at Inspection
Power, McGinty & Sullivan
at Awards
Col. Louis Parker at Review
Col. Parker & Gen. Wolfe
Review Troops
Coira, Parker, Wolfe
at Award Parade
Medal Award Parade, Jan 1944
Lovell, Coira, Knopf
Cornett, Coira, Lucas, Franks
Wilkinson, Schaaf
Inspection, October 1943
Main Street, Pratt, Kansas
40th BG Mess Personnel
Wancheck & Dyar
Schaaf Crew
w/ Martin, Ivory
45th SQ Personnel
Gen. "Hap" Arnold
Inspection, 3/10/44
Gen. Arnold, Col. Lovell
Leaving 40th BG Officers Club
Maj. Richard McGlinn Crew
Col. Lewis P. Parker
40th BG C.O.
40th BG T/O
Parker, Holman, Scherck, McGinty
Drislane, Wilkinson, Cornett
Schaaf, Lucas
Maj. John Keller Crew
Elsner, Wilfinger, Smith, Zinstein
South, Denson, Schwartz
Butterworth, Patterson
395th SQ Ready Room
395th SQ S-2 Room
Wright, Jones, Spivey
25th SQ Ready Room, Fall 1943
(No Heat!!!)
O'Keefe, Barkley, Perry, Forhan, Lancaster
Stevens, Barry, Andrews
11th Photo Lab Personnel
Lt. Larry Eustis (left)
First B-29 off Wichita Assembly, Fall 1943
Was Assigned to 40th BG