Photos of Tinian, Part 3

(Historian's Photo Collection)

40th BG Briefing Room
North Field, Saipan in distance
West Field, Looking East
40th BG Living Area
Tinian Harbor from South
Tinian Sunset
Latrine, April 1945
Cartoonist's Map
Jap Pillbox
Dick Moore
Harry Changnon
Jim Cowden
25th SQ Headquarters
40th BG Chapel
Kenneth Hodgdon
William Toppin
Boston Daily Record Article
(using previous photo)
Brig. Gen. Roger Ramey
Tinian USO
Transporting Bombs
Otto Kerstner on
4000 pounder
Will Cooney with
4000# Bombs
Roger Ramey, Hap Arnold
Making Awards, 6/15/45
Award Ceremony
Hap Arnold
Roger Ramey
Tinian Cemetary
Tinian West Coast
Tinian Harbor
June 1945
Tinian Harbor
(from South)
Tinian West Coast
Clearing 40th BG Area
April 1945
Burning Sugar Cane
New Arrivals Lecture
Softball Field
40th BG Supply Tent
(homemade washing machine)
Waterspout Approaching
West Field
40th BG Staff
40th BG Briefing Building
44th SQ Operations
B-2 Quonset
"E" Building Quonset
45th SQ Living Area
44th SQ Personnel
44th SQ Personal
Equipment Building
40th BG Theater
Tinian's Broadway
West Field
(showing coral borrow pits)
West Field Runway A
(Looking West)
Red Cross
Refreshment Stand
40th BG Tent Area
Tent and Garden
Red Cross - 58th Bomb Wing
Enlisted Men's Club
Club Interior
Refreshment Bar
Information Desk
Band that Played Tinian Clubs
Ray Eberle, Conductor
"Old Area Men" Party
August 25, 1945
Raft at 40th BG
Swimming Hole
Swimming Area
Swimming Area
Lifeguard at Swim Area
Training Center Personnel
(using "Eddie Allen"
Cartoonist's View
#28 Over Tokyo
September 2, 1945
Night Taxi
Eddie Allen near
Mt. Fuji, May 1945
Bombs Drop 8/14/45
Last Mission of the War
Battleship Missouri
September 2, 1945
Vicinity 40th BG Mess Hall
Destroyed Japanese Buildings
Shinto Shrine
Chamorro Internment Camp
Big Bombs to Load
Larry Eustis and Nurses
Lt. Col. N. Wemple
Capt. I. Gottleib
58th Wing "Hit Parade"
Fredericks, Klaver
Easter, and Duemig