Photos of India and China, Part 3

(Historian's Photo Collection)

Maj. Eigenmann Crew in China
after Photo Mission, 10/26/44
Top: Jenson, Douglas, Bell
Bottom: Sill, Disbennett, Lagoy
Baugh, McNew, Hug
1/Lt. Owen P. Donahue (B)
10/26/44 Photo Mission
A Room in Native Barracks (basha)
American Cemetary, Chakulia
Bengal Bijou Theater
Chakulia 1945
Mess Hall Cleaning Station
Cornwell and Holloman
Typical Barracks Room
John Hug and Monkey
Pat O'Brien, Jinx Falkenburg
Entertainers in China
B-29 Tanker, Chakulia, 1944
McGivern, Paul, Larsen, Treimer
Thomasian, McCutcheon, Brooks
Chinese Puppy on a 500 Pounder
2 Pigs Headed to Market
Chinese Refugees
and possessions
Building a Runway
Peasants Pulling Roller
Building a Gravel Road
Runway Work
Runway Work
Chinese Farmer
and Water Buffalo
Chinese Cemetary
Burial Mounds
Native Women
Going to Market
Chakulia Hunters
(note cigarettes)
Chowringee Golf Course
Man Selling His
12 yr Old Daughter
Cattle in Rice Paddy
Freight on a Calcutta Street
Slow Taxi
Traffic Officer with Umbrella
Another Traffic Officer
Grand Hotel, Calcutta
Breaking Rocks
#579 Enroute Rangoon
44th BS Unloading Accident
Airbase Construction
Woodruff Crew at Psichang, China
Pisterzi, Hunter, Clay, Woodruff, Brennan
#513 Bailout
Burke, Coffin, Meyer, Levine
Over The Hump
Anshan, Manchuria
Yawata, Japan
Mess Hall Staff at A-1
A-1 Operations
Blanchard and Sullivan
Wreckage of #288, Photo Ship
#306 Camouflage
Capt. George Lowry Crew
#306 at Hanchang, China
Meyers, Rogers, Doyle, Cook
Norton, Middleton, Anderson,
Alford (A-1 Mess Hall)
Jameson, Jones, Briggs, Duva
Salween River
The Hump
Chinese Irrigation
Min River Ferry
Trucks on Ferry
Stalled Truck
Lumber Mill
Pigs for Market
Duck Farm
House of Joy
Food Stand
Merchants in Cemetary
Chengtu University
Pumping Water
Chengtu Street
Family Fleeing
Hauling Wood
Saw Mill
Rice Paddies