More Aircraft Photos

(Historian's Photo Collection)

Honeywell Honey, #37, 42-24738
Ken Dothage Crew
Rear:Laxton, Buzza, Valley, Dothage
Daly. Middle: Ahern, Beckley,
Pudlofsky, Chelf
Front: Maintenance Crew
#668, The Outlaw
Tinian 1945
44th SQ Aircraft of Hardstands
#41 Accident, 5/26/45
#35, Shag'n Home
and others of 40th BG
#41 Patches Flown by Cowden Crew
Tokyo Mission, 5/26/45
Changnon, Cowden, Gardner
taken to Hospital
Flak Damage to #41, 5/26/45
#795 (No Name)
A/C Capt. Red Woolsey
#32, 7/19/45
Rod Wriston completes 35th mission
#49, Celestial Queen
A/C Maj. Jack Eigenmann
Eddie Allen with
John Mahli and Carter McGregor
Honeywell Honey, #37
A/C Ned Baugh
#18, Devilish Snooks
A/C Capt. Bleiler
#42, Sky Queen
A/C Capt. Clayton Gray
#17, Global Glamour
Lost over Tokyo by Harte
Bombin Buggy
C-46 with John Hug
Eddie Allen
at Chakulia, March 1945
Ding How, Chakulia, 12/44
A/C Bill Renfro. Renfro, Conley
Troll, Pollard, Brusco, Herbert
20th Century Unlimited
A/C Jack Ledford
Queenie at Chakulia
A/C Charles Taylor
Front: Farrar, Davis, Johnston
Rawson, Wagner, Satterfield
#10, Genie, Maj. Turner & Crew
Between planes last mission
and VJ Day
Devilish Snooks
40th BG Aircraft Taking Off
#462, Broken Fuselage
Hard Landing, 5/3/45
#462 was flown by
Dick Covey and Chas. Weber
#41, Patches
#41 in Borrow Pit, 5/26/45
Changnon, Cowden, Gardner
wounded over Tokyo
#396, Brakes failed on landing
Tinian, 6/18/45
#36 (579) Dismantled
after Tokyo Mission, 5/26/45
Unknown Aircraft and Crew
(captioned "N-41")
#12, Smilin' Jack
Rear: Bougher, Haro, Bettes, White,
Kane, Colmark. Front: Theiss, Oaks
Geiger, Rhodes, Richardson
Chas. Crecelius and Crew
Tinian, May 1945
"Miss You", #44
with McLaren Crew
#30, The Outlaw
Sgt. Brough and Visitor
#16, Eight Ball Charlie
J. Strachen, Charles Weeden
#16 Loading POW Supplies
#41 Loading POW Supplies
#26 Readied for POW Mission
"Harry Miller, #740
#21, Sleepy Time Gal
with new Kagu Tsuchi emblem
Honeywell Honey, #37
Ned Baugh, A/C
Honeywell Honey, 8/15/45
#38 on Hardstand, May 1945
USS Comfort's Revenge
Charles Crecelius, A/C
(Not "Genie" of the 40th)
#44-69730, 462nd BG
Nurse Greets Chuck Crecelius
A/C on #39
#31, Bad Penny
A/C Ray Elliott