Photos of Tinian, Part 1

(Historian's Photo Collection)

Sandy beach on east side, Tinian
Father Adler's 40th BG Chapel
40th BG Chapel
40th BG War Room
(used for briefings and meetings)
Special Mock-Show
for SeaBees, Aug 1945
Maj. Lou Scherck
S-2 Briefing, 1945
40th Group War Room
Issuing Pilots Kits,
Weather Forms, Mission Data
40th Bomb Group Area
8th Avenue on right
Gurguan Point on left
Col. Skaer's Quarters
Tinian Military Cemetary
Tinian Cemetary, 1945
Quonsets, July 1945
Back: Jos. Johnson; Burton Palter;
Bethschneider; Louis Ostergaard;
Colin Pedder; Front: Bobo Bisoff; Dan Boyd;
Harold Grove; Herman Zeigler;
Ken Hodgdon
NCO Club, Under Construction
July 1945
Laundry Windmills
May 1945
Shag'n Home over Tokyo
September 2, 1945
Over Tokyo, 9/2/45
Shag'n Home over Tokyo
September 2, 1945
40th BG Movie Theater
Tinian Junkyard for
crashed planes
Practice Bombing Target
(Aguigan Island ??)
Centuries Old Native Ruins
Prehistoric Ruins
Shinto Shrine, Northeast Tinian
End of Runway
West Field
58th Wing Officers Club
Baggage and Supply Depot
40th BG Officers Club
from 8th Avenue
Note the roadside shower
View from Southwest
Final work - September 1945
Maj. Dent White, Capt. Hank Lanzoni
Officers Club interior
40th BG formation