Photos of India and China, Part 2

(Historian's Photo Collection)

44th Squadron Armament Shop
Nick Mamula, Louis Ostergaard
Payton Reese, Dan Boyd
Bill Gardner, Howard Oblender,
Walt Kusian
Maintenance, 44th SQ
Air Medal Ceremony
L/Col Oscar Schaaf, Robert Moss, Marvin Goodwyn
John Martin, James Cowden, Robert Shanks
Silvio Lanzoni, Chet Woolsey, Richard Seebach
Chas, Taylor, John Ivory, Don Manfredo
Road work, Chinese style
S-2 Room at A-1, 1944
Capt. Wm. Rooney, Maj. L. E. Scherck
Sgt. R. N. Archer, S/Sgt. T. M. Connally
44th SQ Operations
Chakulia, 1944
Sgt. Morrison, Maj. Wemple,
Lt. Huddleston. India 1944
R. Seebach, C. Taylor, J. Ivory,
D. Manfredo receive medals from
Gen. LeMay. Chakulia, Nov. '44
Lt. Louis Jones presents sword
from Mao Tse-Tung to
Maj/Gen LeMay
Col. Foss looking on.
Shower in rain, India 7/44
Hohnhors, Drnek, Mack, Mannatt
Chakulia Cutie
Tweet, Kusian, Williamson,
Buckowitz, Biehle, Troll
Chakulia, July 1944
M/Gen Patrick Hurley and Louis Jones
Sian, China , October 1944
Unloading medical supplies
given Chinese Communists
for aid to fliers
Unloading body of Chinese General
recovered from Jap skirmish in
Occupied China, Fall, 1944
Louis Jones with members of Dixie
Mission, Yunan, (Sian) China, Fall 1944
Louis Jones, 2nd from left, top
Wang Hua, 2nd from left, front,
Chinese U.N. Ambassador
Front right - Herbert Hitch (US)
Louis Jones and John Service
work on Chinese Airport
Yunan, 1944
More airport work
Louis Jones supervising work
on new Chinese Communist airport
Yunan. (note cigars in mouths)
Old Area Operations Tower
May 1944
(Virginia Luna photo)
"Doc" Hall and Red Cross ladies
(V. Luna photo)
Wreckage of #351 after crash
(V. Luna photo)
A-1 Tower
Water Transfer System
Brodge at Hsinching
Min River Irrigation
Min River Water Transfer
Chinese Cemetary Near A-1
Chinese Rickshaw
Showers at Hsinching
Hsinching Street Scene
Walled City Near Chengtu
Chengtu Store
Chengtu Shop Scene
John Reynolds
Chakulia Barracks
Brennan, Gardner, Stein
Calcutta Grand Hotel
Troll, Nordhagen
Chakulia, August 1944
Lundquist, Conley, Brennan
Hunter, Buchowitz, Changnon
Engine Hoist
Calcutta New Market
40th Bomb Group, Chakulia
11th Photo Lab, Chakulia
11th Photo Lab (Rear)
Capt. Jack Ledford's Crew Rescue
Leohokow, China, October 30, 1944
Jay Woodruff and Crew
#326 Landing at Psichang, China, June 1944
Brennan, Clay, Hunter