8 Stories Submitted by Bob Sanders

Co-Pilot, Sylvan Viner Crew, Aircraft # 42-24886 (#6), 25th Squadron

"These stories are a personal narrative to describe joining and flying with the 40th Bomb Group overseas. I wrote these stories for my family nearly 50 years after the events took place. Time dulls all memories , but the images are so sharp, and I have recalled them so often I feel comfortable with their accuracy. When in doubt about dates and numbers, I referred to the books and photos of other airmen who were there. When I look at them again, the memories come flooding back." . . . . Bob Sanders

  • Flying Overseas

  • India

  • The Boat Trip and Australia

  • Tinian

  • The Firebomb Raid

  • First Daylight Mission From Tinian

  • Iwo Jima

  • Victory and Going Home